Rotary Slicer KR-700

Power and precision for industry

Discover a new era of efficiency and precision in shredding dry materials with the SCORPION KR-700 rotary slicer. Designed for the most demanding industrial applications, this machine combines rugged construction, advanced technology and impressive technical performance to deliver superior cutting quality and reliability.

Key features:

  • Versatility: It excels at shredding a wide range of dry materials, such as tea, spices, herbs, hemp, as well as wood materials and plastics.
  • Impressive performance: With a large rotor diameter (600 mm), long knives (700 mm) and a powerful motor (22-37 kW), the KR-700 achieves a capacity of 40 to 2,000 kg/h, depending on the type of raw material.
  • Precise control: the inverter allows infinitely adjustable rotor speed in the range of 300-600 rpm, which allows you to perfectly adjust the cutting speed to the specific material, ensuring the highest quality of the sliced product.
  • Interchangeable sieve system: Allows you to fine-tune the grinding size to suit your individual needs, guaranteeing uniformity and repeatable results.
  • Robust design: Made of the highest quality materials, it ensures long-lasting and trouble-free operation even in the toughest conditions.
  • Safety: Compliance with stringent safety standards and an intuitive control panel ensure operator safety and ease of use.

Most applicable:

The SCORPION KR-700 rotary slicer is used in many industries, such as:

  • Food industry: Crushing tea, herbs, spices, coffee, cereals, dried fruits and vegetables and other food raw materials.
  • Wood processing: Shredding of wood chips, shavings, sawdust and other wood materials.
  • Recycling: shredding plastics, rubber, paper and other materials for further processing.
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    robust compact design
    high quality of the processed product
    high performance

    Technical specification

    – capacity (depends on type of raw material) 40-2000kg/h
    – rotor diameter 600 mm
    – blade length 700 mm
    – number of knives 10 pcs.
    – counter blade length 700 mm
    – number of counterpoints 6 pcs.
    – rotor speed 300 – 600 rpm
    – belt transmission ratio 1:1,6
    – Belt type (anti-static) SPB 2920
    – number of belts 5 pcs.
    – engine power 22 – 37 kW
    – engine speed 960 rpm
    – weight 4,1200 kg
    – overall dimensions long. x width x height 2350x1200x2026

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