Vertical Slicer KP-450

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    Zasady przetwarzania danych osobowych z formularza określa nasza polityka prywatności.

    Technical specification


    – capacity (depends on type of raw material) 80-1500 kg/h
    – cutting width 450 mm
    – width of main knife 470 mm
    – dicing knife spacing 4÷10 mm
    – number of dicing knives 114 pcs.
    – counterblade width 470 mm
    – number of counterpoints 1 pc.
    – cutting speed 50÷450 bars/min
    – cutting feed length range 2÷35mm
    – Belt type (anti-static) B 2500
    – number of belts 4 pcs.
    – engine power 11 kW
    – engine speed 1450 rpm
    – weight 4000 kg
    – overall dimensions length x width x height 2850x1800x2100


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