About us

We have been designing and manufacturing machines used in the food industry for 25 years. Our history began with herbs, spices and teas, today we are one of the strongest brands on the market, and we have also expanded our scope of operations to other areas of the food industry.

Our strength is our team. From designers, through constructors, programmers and automation engineers to production staff. We know how to take care of the smallest detail at the design stage and how to supervise the production process. Each machine and device produced by us is our own design and all of them are constantly improved based on our own observations and suggestions from customers. The experience we have gained allows us to produce not only single machines, but also fully automated lines that will maximize the efficiency of the processing process.

Our main specialty are machines for cutting, grinding, granulating, sorting and cleaning raw materials, both dry and fresh. By appropriately adapting the process, we are able to clean the input material from any impurities and inclusions, bring it to the desired size or consistency, and divide it in terms of the size expected by the customer.

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Quality Policy
The constant pursuit of improvement of our products and services is confirmed by numerous certificates.