High quality and increased production efficiency.

We offer a wide range of machines and equipment that are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, minimum losses and high quality of the final product. The highest quality of materials and components guarantees long service life and failure-free operation. We provide a two-year warranty for our machines and post-warranty service.

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Polish quality recognized globally.

Food and pharmaceutical companies face the challenges of increasing production efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring high product quality. As Scorpion®, we guarantee that we will fulfill your requirements. In the processing of dry bulk materials, our solutions ensure maximum efficiency, minimal losses, and high quality of the final product.

A excelência polonesa na terra brasileira
Agradecemos a visita de todos os parceiros ao nosso stand na feira! Foi ótimo conhecê-los e discutir oportunidades de colaboração. Convidamos vocês a entrarem em contato para aprofundarmos a conversa e explorarmos como podemos ajudá-los a alcançar seus objetivos. Esperamos construir uma parceria sólida e duradoura.
O Brasil se beneficia da qualidade polonesa
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See how we improve herbal processing around the world in automating their daily tasks.

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Almost 30 years of experience and a clearly defined strategy and goals allow us to fulfill every order.

At SCORPION®, we place great emphasis on the needs and requirements of our customers.

We are in constant contact with our clients. At each stage of implementing another machine, we listen to our customers’ suggestions. We are up to date with technological innovations.

The goal of building the best quality tools for you motivates us to invest in the quality of our production hall. We can boast that we have top-shelf tools. In some cases, it turns out that we are the only manufacturer using highly advanced solutions in Europe.

We have modern metal processing machines (gas and plasma firing), a CNC machining center (turning and milling), and many conventional devices.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Łukasz Stasik
CEO of Scorpion®
Our machines operate not only in the best herbal and tea companies in Poland and Europe, but also in Kazakhstan in Asia, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Lesotho and Nigeria in Africa, and Brazil.
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The constant pursuit of improvement of our products and services is confirmed by numerous certificates.