Briquetting machine

SCORPION® briquetting machine – Efficient vegetable waste management

The SCORPION briquetting machine is a versatile solution for companies processing herbs, teas and other plants. Designed for briquetting sawdust, woodchips, straw and herbaceous waste (e.g. sticks), it allows production residues to be efficiently managed and turned into valuable fuel.

Advantages of the SCORPION briquetting machine:

  • Versatility: Ability to briquet a variety of plant materials.
  • Performance: Fast and efficient conversion of waste into high-calorific briquettes.
  • Eco-friendliness: reducing waste and producing green fuel.
  • Intuitive operation: a control cabinet as standard ensures easy control of the briquetting process.

Most applicable:

  • Processing of herbs and teas: Briquetting of production waste.
  • Agriculture: Briquetting of straw, hay and other plant materials.
  • Woodworking industry: Briquetting of sawdust, wood chips and shavings.

Investing in a SCORPION briquetting machine is a step towards the sustainability of your business. Contact us for technical details and options for customising the machine to suit your individual needs.

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    Technical specification

    – capacity (depends on type of raw material) 250-300 kg/h
    – type of briquetting machine hydraulic
    – diameter of the briquette Ø 70 mm
    – engine power 11 kW
    – number of electro-valves 3 pieces
    – hydraulic oil quantity in litres 250 l
    – weight 1200 kg
    – overall dimensions length x width x height 2485x1450x1900


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