Vertical Slicer KP-300

Precision cutting for your production line

The KP-300 SCORPION vertical slicer is an advanced solution for the processing industry, designed to precisely cut a variety of vegetable raw materials. Ideal for guillotine cutting of herbs, bark, roots, snuff and other materials. It ensures high productivity and cutting quality, streamlining production processes.

Key features:

  • Versatility: guillotine and cube slicing capability, adapting to different production needs.
  • Precision: Three cutting knives and two sets of dicing knives ensure accurate and repeatable cuts.
  • Integration: Works perfectly with other machines in process lines to create a cohesive and efficient whole.
  • Performance: High cutting speed and robust design guarantee reliability and performance even under heavy use.
  • Safety: compliance with safety standards and ease of operation ensure operator safety and minimize the risk of downtime.
  • Warranty: a two-year warranty on the entire machine (excluding consumable parts) provides peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Most applicable:

The KP-300 SCORPION vertical slicer is widely used in:

  • Herbal industry: Cutting herbs, roots and other plant materials for further processing.
  • Tobacco industry: Cutting snuff and other tobacco raw materials.
  • Food industry: Cutting fruits, vegetables and other ingredients for food production.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Cutting plant raw materials for the production of drugs and dietary supplements.


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    Technical specification

    – capacity (depends on type of raw material) 80-1000 kg/h
    – cutting width 300 mm
    – width of main knife 320 mm
    – dicing knife spacing 4÷10 mm
    – number of dicing knives 76 pcs.
    – counterblade width 320 mm
    – number of counterpoints 1 pc.
    – cutting speed 50÷450 bars/min
    – cutting feed length range 2÷35mm
    – Belt type (anti-static) B 2450
    – number of belts 3 pieces
    – engine power 7.5 kW
    – engine speed 960 rpm
    – weight 3500 kg
    – overall dimensions length x width x height 2850x1500x2100
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