Crate shredder” KR-205P

The SCORPION Rotary Slicer – Versatility and Efficiency in Waste Recycling

The SCORPION rotary slicer is a reliable and versatile solution for the efficient shredding of a wide variety of waste materials. Designed for demanding industrial applications, this machine delivers high performance and precision in waste processing.

Key features:

  • Versatile: The SCORPION is perfectly suited to shredding PET bottles, household chemicals packaging and entire beverage crates and turning them into valuable recyclable materials.
  • Interchangeable sieve system: Allows the milling size to be adapted precisely to the individual needs and requirements of the recycling process.
  • Equipment : Supplied as standard with two sets of knives and a basic set of sieves, ensuring flexibility and readiness.
  • Warranty : A two-year warranty covering the entire machine (excluding consumable parts) provides peace of mind and security for your investment.

Most applicable:

The SCORPION rotary slicer is widely used in:

  • Recycling plants: Efficient processing of large volumes of waste plastic, cardboard and other materials.
  • Beverage industry: Shredding of beverage crates for recycling or volume reduction.
  • Chemical industry: Shredding of household chemical packaging and other industrial waste.

Investing in a SCORPION rotary slicer is a step towards sustainability and optimising your company’s recycling processes. Contact us for technical details and options for customising the machine to suit your individual needs.

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    Technical specification

    – capacity (depends on type of raw material) 20-1000 kg/h
    – rotor diameter 360 mm
    – length of blades 205 mm
    – number of knives 3 pieces
    – counter blade length 205 mm
    – number of counter blades 2 pieces
    – rotor speed 897 rotations/min
    – belt transmission ratio 1:1, 61
    – Belt type (anti-static) B 2000
    – number of belts 3 pieces
    – engine power 7,5 kW
    – engine speed 1450 rotations/ min
    – mass 420 kg
    – overall dimensions length x width x height 100x720x2100
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