Mobile Dryer

Innovative Solution for Demanding Industries

Discover a new era of drying with the SCORPION® Mobile Dryer, designed for maximum efficiency, flexibility and energy savings. Our dryer is an ideal solution for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and many other industries, where fast and precise drying of various products is required.

Modularity and Mobility:

The SCORPION® dryer is a modular system, allowing any configuration of length and capacity. The basic unit, which is 30 meters long and has a capacity of 500-800 kg/8h, can be easily transported and combined with additional modules, adapting to individual needs and space conditions.

Performance and Precision:

The SCORPION® dryer guarantees high efficiency thanks to an advanced 600 kW heating system based on a gas- or oil-fired furnace. Two fans with a total output of 18.5 kW provide efficient airflow (300 m3/h) inside the drying chamber, ensuring even and fast drying.

Intelligent Controls:

An intuitive control panel allows precise control over the drying process. The temperature inside the chamber is infinitely adjustable from 20-75°C, and the raw material run time can be customized.

Energy Savings:

An optional cross heat recovery system allows for a significant reduction in energy costs by using heat from used air.

Innovative Solutions for Superior Quality:

The SCORPION® dryer is equipped with an innovative material discharge bypass, allowing the pre-dried raw material to be recirculated for further moisture reduction. In addition, the function of stopping and mixing the material ensures even drying of even difficult products.

Benefits to Your Business:

  • Increased efficiency: Fast and efficient drying of large quantities of raw material.
  • Flexibility: Customizable configuration.
  • Energy savings: Optional heat recovery system.
  • High product quality: Precise control of the drying process.
  • Mobility: Can be used anywhere.
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